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Special Event Wine

Village Craft Winemaker - Wine Making Supplies - Wedding Wines

Ferment on Premises products can help make your Special Event that much more Memorable by allowing the hosts to hand craft their very own High Quality Wines, Beer, and Cider – create custom labels to enhance the presentation, and even allow the guests to take home their very own sample to memorialize the occasion.

Brew on Premise provides High Quality Beverages at an affordable price – which allows you to better allocate the savings towards other important details and considerations. This is not “Home Made Wine” as it is Crafted in a Licensed and Approved Facility by the AGLC.

A Private Non-Sale License with the Receipts from Village Craft Winemaker stapled to it is all you need to serve your Craft Wine at your Wedding. 

To Choose or Not to Choose?

Choose your favourite wines from our wide selection of RJ Spagnols Quality Kits for the perfect complement to your meal!

Need a little help?

Our on-site sommelier can help you choose the best wines for your meal and budget to impress even the pickiest of palettes. We can also recommend customizations and additions for your kits for a truly memorable experience.

A few of our Favourites!

En Primeur
En Primeur Winery Series provides the most authentic craft winemaking experience, enabling you to craft age-worthy wines of distinction that will impress every wine connoisseur. From  Amarone to Zinfandel
Cru Select
Cru Select wines are a treasure for wine enthusiasts looking to try new grape varieties and wine styles from around the world. Made with the finest juice from the world’s best vineyards, our wines exemplify sophistication you can taste in every glass.
Village Craft Winemaker - RJS Cru International Wine Kit
Cru International
These wines highlight the unique tastes of the most acclaimed wine styles of the old and new worlds. Whether you enjoy tantalizing reds or exciting whites, Cru International brings the world of international wine styles to you.
Orchard Breezin’
Ready to drink in only four weeks, Orchard Breezin’ wines can be enjoyed chilled on their own or mixed with juices, sodas, and liqueurs to create crowd pleasing cocktails. From strawberry to lime, Orchard Breezin’ offers a wide variety of fruit flavours that will appeal to every palate.
Village Craft Winemaker - Micro Brew
Micro Brew
Brewed with two row Pilsen malt, and a distinctive blend of noble hops. This European style lager has a delicate Pilsner aroma and delivers a soft, crisp taste and, refreshing finish.



U – Unoaked, L – Light, M – Medium, H – Heavy


L – Light, M – Medium, F – Full


D – Dry, O – Off-Dry, S – Sweet

En Primeur

Australia Cabernet Sauvignon M | F | D

This complex, full-bodied wine has an appealing aroma of plump blackberries, sweet vanilla, and fresh violets while cherries, pepper spice, and rich tannins grace the palate.

Australia Pinot Noir M | M | D

An elegant wine bursting with flavours of ripe black cherries, red berry fruits, and delicate spice notes on the palate superbly balanced with oak.

Chile Malbec M | M | D

A brilliant bouquet of dark fruits with subtle hints of oak, vanilla, and spices. Strong plum and berry flavours are balanced by moderate tannins on the palate.

Italy Amarone Classico Style M | F | D

Assertively full-bodied, this classic wine features a delicate nose of black cherries, dark chocolate and well-balanced oak. Ripe dark fruit flavours are cradled by firm tannins culminating with a lengthy finish.

Italy Rosso Grande Eccellente M | F | D

A delectable bouquet of sweet ripe berries, spices, and farm cherries, and firmly structured tannins. This assertive wine is bold in all aspects.

Italy Zinfandel M | F | D

A bouquet of black cherries and plump dark fruit are framed by the ample aromas of tobacco and dark coffee. Fruit forward with an array of spicy flavours on the finish.

Cru Select

Amarone Style H | F | D

This classic Italian style wine is packed with rich raspberry, blackberry and cassis flavours. Deep, dark, and inviting, the finish is long, lingering, and full of ripe tannins.

Australia Style Cabernet Shiraz Merlot H | F | D

These three noble grapes, grown in Australia’s warm climate, have produced an elegant wine with aromas of leather and black pepper and intense jammy flavours of blackberries.

French Style Merlot M | M| D

Impressive aromas of farm fresh strawberries, violets, and vanilla framed with soft, silky tannins. Powerful notes of ripe raspberries, cherries, and dark fruit onthe palate. A true French classic wine.

Cru International

Argentina Malbec Syrah Style M | M | D

Argentina’s best known and cherished red grape, Malbec, is blended with spicy Syrah to create a wine with pleasant toasty aromas and hints of cherry and dark fruit on the palate.

Chile Cabernet Merlot Style M | M | D

A robust bouquet of warm dark fruit and tobacco leads to elevated aromas of ripe black currants and cherries. Layers of coffee and dark plum notes unfold to reveal a traditional Chilean dry wine with supple tannins.

British Columbia Pinot Noir Style M | M | D

As one would expect from a BC style Pinot Noir, this wine features aromas of black cherries and fresh strawberries. Silky tannins while subtle notes of pepper and spice round out the palate.

Okanagan Meritage M | M | D

This dry, medium-bodied wine opens on the nose with delicious aromas of red currant, cassis, vanilla, cigar box, and spices. On the palate, it unveils a round mouthfeel with polished tannins for a supported finish. ” A favourite”



U – Unoaked, L – Light, M – Medium, H – Heavy


L – Light, M – Medium, F – Full


D – Dry, O – Off-Dry, S – Sweet

En Primeur

Italy Pinot Grigio U | L | D

Opens with citrus, floral, and pear notes. Hintsof citrus and green apple on the finish. The palateis elevated with its perfect harmony of fruit andcrisp acidity.

South Africa Sauvignon Blanc U | M | D

Aromas of apple, lemon, and kiwi on the nose and hints of lemon and herbaceous flavours on the palate. Expect a zesty finish to this elegant wine.

Cru Select

Australia Style Viognier Pinot Gris U | M | D

This popular Australian white blend is extremely aromatic, opening with apricots and pear notes and finishing on a refreshing fruit forward note.

Italy Style Bella Bianco™ H | F | D

This modern and bold Italian style white blend is extraordinarily rich, with buttery aromas and flavours that are balanced by lush tropical fruit and full oak character.

Argentina Style Trio U | M | D

This modern New World white highlights the apricot and floral notes of Viognier, the minerality of Riesling, and the tropical aromas of Chardonnay.

New Zealand Style Sauvignon Blanc L | M | D

This renowned New Zealand wine presents soft hues in the glass. It is crisp and light, with intense flavours of grapefruit peel, freshly cut grass, and light oak on the finish.

Cru International

California Chardonnay Style M | M | D

Captivating flavours of green apple and tropical fruit enhance an upfront floral bouquet as is expected by the finest California Chardonnays. It will develop to reveal layers of ripe fruit and integrated oak.

Ontario Sauvignon Blanc Style U | M | D

Straw in colour with a refreshing grassy nose; bold herbal tones and fresh citrus flavours on the palate. This wine is as delightful as a cool Ontario Fall day, its finish both long and fruity.

South Africa Chenin Blanc Style U | M | D

The fruity nose has hints of green apple and lemon with a subtle floral bouquet. On the palate, tru South African origins, it is delightfully refreshing.  The same grape as a French Vouvray.

Italy Pinot Grigio U | L | D

An enticing deep apple and grapefruit bouquet with apple and citrus notes that follow through to the palate and linger with a dry finish. This Pinot Grigio is made in the true northern Italian style.



U – Unoaked, L – Light, M – Medium, H – Heavy


L – Light, M – Medium, F – Full


D – Dry, O – Off-Dry, S – Sweet

En Primeur

Chile Pinot Noir Rosé U | M | D

Bursting with the aromas and flavours of strawberry jam, complimented by raspberries, rhubarb, and floral notes. Juicy on the palate, it’s exquisitely balanced with a luxuriously smooth mouth feel.

Cru International

France Rosé Style U | M | D

Made in the classic French rosé style, it is light bodied and pink in colour with spiced strawberry and crisp, citrus aromas. The palate features fresh strawberry flavours with a refreshing fruity finish.

Village Craft Winemaker - Wedding Wines
Village Craft Winemaker - Wedding Wines Serving Guidelines

When should you make your wedding wine?

Your wine will be quite enjoyable on the day it’s bottled, however we recommend you leave whites about one to two months and reds two to three months before serving them at your wedding. Tell us the date of your wedding and we’ll make sure you have a winemaking appointment far enough in advance to make the best-tasting wine.

VCW Serving Guidelines

Steps to estimate your Serving Needs:
1. Calculate the number of people that will be drinking at your event.
2. Multiply the total number of drinking guests by four (to estimate the maximum number of standard drinks per person that you will need).
3. Divide the number of calculated standard drinks by five (5 per bottle) to get the number of bottles needed.
4. Divide the number of bottles needed by 30 to determine the number of batches / kits required and then round up.

For example:
1. 100 wine drinking guests attending
2. 100 x 4 standard drinks = 400 standard drinks
3. 400 / 5 (5 glasses per 750ml bottle) = 80 bottles of wine
4. 80/30 750ml bottles per batch = 2.67 or 3 batches of wine will be needed.

Therefore, you could make one batch of red wine, one batch of white wine, and one batch of rosé wine.

Feel free to contact us for more information or questions regarding your personal event.

Regulations and Legalities

As of this writing it is perfectly legal to purchase and serve Ferment on Premise (Brew on Premise) Products for your Wedding and Special Events in Alberta.

As per Sections 3.2, 3.4, 4.9, 4.10, 4.11, and 4.13 of the AGLC Guidelines:

* SEL – Special Event License
  • 3.2 Public Resale – Community
  • 3.4 Private Non‐Sale
    • General (wedding reception, anniversary, family reunion).
  • 4.9 A licensee must keep a record of all liquor purchases to prove the source of all liquor in the licensed premises.
  • 4.13 Liquor products at a Private Non‐Sale SEL may either be purchased from any Class D licensed premises (as listed in Section 4.12) or be produced at a licensed Ferment‐on‐Premises facility (see Section 3.10 of the AGLC Liquor Licensee handbook).
  • Download: AGLC Liquor Licensee Handbook

We hope this helps with any previous confusion regarding the rules and regulations required to serve Brew on Premise Products in Alberta.

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