UWinemaker - Home Wine Making Made Easy
Available at Village Craft Winemaker

Wine Maker: $189.99 plus tax
Beer Maker: $199.99 plus tax

Come in and check out the U Winemaker at Village Craft Winemaker. This patented Calgary invention makes High Quality, Crystal Clear Wine (and flavourful high quality beer) in less time than the traditional Pail and Carboys method…

Its all-in-one compact design eliminates the heavy lifting, filtering, siphoning, and mess…  putting the fun back in Home Wine Making. The product’s streamlined, fast ferment process means you’ll be bottling your favorite wine kit in less time, from 28 to 45 days for most kits.

At the time of this writing, Village Craft Winemaker is the only Brew on Premises outlet in Canada to use this innovative product in its “in-store” fermentation process. Whether you ferment your wine or beer in store or at home, the UWinemaker will make you proud every time.

The Future of Wine Making

Find out more at: UWinemaker.com