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Village Craft Winemaker in Calgary Alberta is proud to carry a wide selection of RJ Spagnols Craft Wine Making Kits – available to both our home wine making enthusiasts as well as our Brew on Premises customers!

Did You Know: RJ Spagnols Wine Kits had 42 kits in the top 100 of Wine Maker Magazine’s recent survey? Read more here!

En Primeur Winery Series

En Primeur Winery Series gives craft winemaking enthusiasts the opportunity to make superior quality wines that even a seasoned vintner would be proud to share with friends and family.

Village Craft Winemaker can help select the perfect En Primeur Winery Series  for you!

Cru Select

The finest grape varietals from vineyards around the world make these wines an experience to enjoy with family and friends.

Ask VCW to recommend a Cru Select wine for you!

Cru International

Whether you enjoy tantalizing reds or exciting whites, Cru International has the perfect international wine style for you.

Cru International highlights the winemaking techniques and traditions from recognized wine regions around the world.

Explore the world of wine one style at a time.

Cru Specialty

Cru Specialty brings you exceptional dessert wines that are the perfect addition to your own wine collection, or create some truly extraordinary sweet wines that are ideal for holiday entertaining and gift giving.

Orchard Breezin'

Orchard Breezin’ brings you refreshing fruit-flavoured wines that are light in alcohol, perfectly balanced and not too sweet – the perfect beer and wine cooler alternative.

Blush Crush

Enjoy a fresh twist on sangria with Orchard Breezin’ Blush Crush. This refreshing rosé features flavours of juicy, just-picked strawberry and raspberry with a hint of grapefruit making this a delightful sipper. Perfectly timed for summer, and ready to drink in just 4 weeks! Pairs well with watermelon and feta salad, spinach and strawberry salad, or fish tacos and mango salsa.

NEW Mango Dragon Fruit Lemonade

Refreshing and bright – the new, limited release wind from Orchard Breezin’ is the quintessential summer sipper. Perfect for those warm summer afternoons, and ready to drink in just 4 weeks.
Kick-off the summer with a twist!

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White Sangria

Our limited release Orchard Breezin’ White Sangria features lively flavours of juicy peach, ripe apricot and orange for a fresh, easy drinking wine with a smooth finish.

Cranapple Celebration

Our limited release Orchard Breezin’ Cranapple Celebration features tart green apples balanced out by smooth white cranberries to create an easy drinking wine with a crisp, refreshing finish.

Limited Quantities Available

Heritage Estates

Heritage Estates is a great choice for craft winemakers who want a light, pleasant wine that is easy to make and ready to drink in less time. In just four weeks you can make your own craft wine perfect for sipping in the afternoon on the patio or enjoying with dinner every night.
Village Craft Winemaker - RJS Heritage Estates

Heritage Estates White Wines

California Style White U | L | D

Unoaked and dry, this California style white wine is light and fruity.

Chardonnay Style L | M | D

A traditional style dry and lightly oaked Chardonnay with pear, apple, herbal and mineral notes and a crisp finish.

Riesling Style U | M | O

A classic off-dry and medium bodied Riesling style wine with floral and ripe fruit aromas, light mineral notes and a refreshing acidity.

Sauvignon Blanc Style U | M | D

A refreshing, medium-bodied, dry Sauvignon Blanc style wine with crisp, green apple flavours and pleasant herbal notes. Unoaked.

Pinot Grigio Style U | L | D

A typical dry Pinot Grigio style, this wine boasts
aromas of tart green apple with crisp citrus and
honey flavours.

Heritage Estates Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon Style H | M | D

A balanced classic Cab style wine with berry, toast and vanilla aromas and berry flavour with well integrated oak.

Merlot Style M | M | D

A medium-bodied and dry Merlot style wine with aromas of tart strawberry and flavours of berries with light floral notes and a short clean finish.

Pinot Noir Style L | M | D

A dry and light-bodied wine with crisp acidity and very little tannin; plenty of fruit flavour with some cherry and red berry notes.

Shiraz Style M | F | D

A Shiraz style with fruity aromas of ripe raspberry with floral and spice nuances; dry and full-bodied with balanced acidity and soft tannins.

Vieux Château du Roi U | F | D

A traditional, unoaked French style red wine with spice and berry fruit aromas, rich berry fruit on the palate and spicy notes in the finish.

Boite Micro Brew Kits

For nearly 6 years, fans of microbrewery-type beers have been using the best brewing kits available in Canada. Micro-brew has carved out a first place for itself thanks to the quality of its products. Kits contain 23 liters of premium fresh beer wort with yeast paired with the types of beer brewed. You can choose from twelve kinds of beer.

Imported from Quebec. Reputation for Quality and Preferred Over other Similar Kits

In Stock:

RJ Spagnols Restricted Quantities - RQ 2021

A premium collection as timeless as Tarot – curated to create experiences and memories sure to last a lifetime. With more revelations to come.

From France, Italy and Spain, five world-class wines connect through space, time and humanity – an elementary and mystical collection – earth, air, water, fire, sun, moon and stars, manifest for this years Arcana

Every year craft winemakers explore new adventures through illustrious tales capturing the essence of our unique wines through our Restricted Quantities Premium Collection.
We invite you to create, celebrate and share these wines with your family and friends.


Our New Favourite!

Cru International - Meritage

The Bordeaux style Red wine from the BC Okanagan Valley is the NEW FAVOURITE for Village Craft Winemaker Clients. Opens on the nose with delicious aromas of red currant, cassis, vanilla, cigar box, and spices. On the palate, it unveils a round mouthfeel with polished tannins for a supported finish.

Our Guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee of your RJ Spagnols Wine Kit purchase or your Ferment on Premise Wine. (Some Conditions apply)

Please keep the sticker from the top of your wine Box.

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