Brew On Premises Wine Making
With 8 Wine Making Medals this year (out of 86 in Canada) in this International Wine Making Contest, Why would you make wine anywhere else!!! UVin - UBrew in Calgary

"Looking after the Winemaker in You"™
At Village Craft Winemaker
On Premise Wine Making Now In Alberta
On Premise Wine Making Now In Alberta
On-Site Wine Making with RJ Spagnols Craft Wine Kits
Great Selection of RJ Spagnols Craft Wine Kits

Save Money and Time

VCW is proud to offer Brew on Premises Services (AKA: Ferment on Premise, UBrew, UVin, Urban Winery and On-Site Winemaking in other provinces) at their Inner City Calgary Location along with Home Wine Making Supplies and a great selection of RJ Spagnols and VineCo Craft Wine Kits. Customers now have the option of taking their craft winemaking kits home or to brew on premise – whichever their preference.

On-Site Winemaking takes wine making out of the home and is perfect for customers who want to save money on Quality Wine (as Low as $150 per 30 bottles), but don’t want all the hassle of brewing at home with the necessary space requirements, heavy lifting, expensive equipment, mess, time constraints and monitoring of their batches.

Why not let Village Craft Winemaker do the Work for you?

Village Craft Winemaker - Brew On Premises Wine Making 2

How do I Get Started?

  1. Come in to Village Craft Winemakers
  2. Choose your favourite RJ Spagnols or VineCo Craft Winemaking Kit
  3. Sprinkle the Yeast
  4. Come back in 30 to 45 days to bottle and take your batch(es) home.

It’s that easy! – VCW looks after the rest!

UWinemaker™ - Better Wine in Less Time

Village Craft Winemaker (at this writing) is the only Brew on Premise Outlet in Canada to use the UWinemaker in our in-store Fermentation Process.

The UWinemaker, a local Calgary invention, provides better quality, crystal clear wine in less time without all the hassles of traditional fermenting methods… No more Pail and Carboys!

The UWinemaker is available for sale at VCW for those who want to further their winemaking adventures at home!

Read more About UWinemaker here.
UWinemaker Home Winemaking Made Easy. Available at Village Craft Winemaker to brew on premises or to purchase and take home

Have Questions regarding Home Wine Making
or our On-Site Winemaking Service?

Lori Dahlberg - WSET Level 3 Sommelier

Lori Dahlberg, owner at VCW, is a registered WSET (Wine and Spirits Estates Trust) Level 3 Sommelier and can help you with your questions and recommend the perfect kits and customizations for your tastes.

Wine 101 is coming this fall.  A great way for people to get together, learn about wine and put in basic kits and come back in 4 weeks and bottle the wine.  Minimum 6 people and we will do REDREDwine, Red, White and Rosé or fruit wines.  The group will choose and then they create.  

To Book Your Appointment, Find Directions, or to Get In Touch With Lori:

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