RQ 2024 – Arte Collection: Pre-Order!

RJS 2024 Restricted Quantity - Arte Collection

RJS Arte Collection Restricted Quantities 2024Limited Quantities Available Germany and Italy are home to some of the world’s most vibrant and iconic art styles. These old-world countries are coloured by […]

RJS French Gamay Style Wine – 2023 Pre-Order


In Stock Regular Retail: $119.99 Limited Quantities Available! Contact Us RJ Spagnols – Cru International French Gamay The Grape Styled after the famous wines from France’s renowned Beaujolais winemaking region, […]

Charisma Collection: RQ 2023 – Selling Quick!

Village Craft Winemaker - Charisma Collection RQ 2023

Charisma Collection Restricted Quantities 2023Limited Quantities Available This year, Restricted Quantities invites you to experience the magic of craft winemaking with an expressive collection of alluring wines that will charm […]

Cru Specialty Dessert Wine – 2022 Pre-Order

Gold and Bronze Medal Award Winners! * Gingerbread Cookie, Black Forest and Toasted Caramel Flavoured Kits. Cru Specialty Dessert Wines Not TOO Sweet – our Sommelier knows how to enhance your […]

Ontario Cabernet Franc – 2022 Pre-Order

Cabernet Franc - Village Craft Winemaker

$119.99 / Kit Available AUGUST 2022 * Pre-Oder Has ENDED Limited Quantities IN-STOCK Cru International Ontario Cabernet Franc Inspired by the finest grape-growing regions and delivering wines that embody the […]

Goji Berry Tea Temptation – 2022 Pre-Order

Awaken your Inner Temptations – Available March 2022 Goji Berry Tea Temptation Our charming new limited release Orchard Breezin’ Goji Berry Tea Temptation features tangy superfood goji berries and tantalizing […]

VineCo 2022 Global Passport Series

VineCo Global Passport Series – 2022 Limited Quantities TOUR DIFFERENT TERROIR, EXPLORE THE EXOTIC, AND UNCOVER THE UNIQUE Every year, our highly anticipated VineCo™ Global Passport Series takes us on […]

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