Cru Specialty Dessert Wine – 2022 Pre-Order

Gold and Bronze Medal Award Winners!

Cru Specialty - Desert Wine Kits
* Gingerbread Cookie, Black Forest and Toasted Caramel Flavoured Kits.

Cru Specialty

Dessert Wines

Not TOO Sweet – our Sommelier knows how to enhance your kits to create Award Winning Ports to satisfy Every Taste.
With Christmas just around the corner, these wines make the perfect stocking-stuffer for around the price of a specialty coffee (per bottle)!

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Limited quantities may still be available in store.

Dessert Wine Flavours:

Gingerbread Cookie Dessert Wine - Cru Specialty

Gingerbread Cookie

Honey-hued and perfectly spiced, this aromatic dessert wine delivers a charm-ingly sweet, ginger biscuit taste with hints of cinnamon and brown sugar.
Black Forest - Gold

Black Forest

Bursting with rich aromas of red and dark cherry, this full-flavoured dessert wine style also has a hint of dark chocolate fused with plum and toasted oak on the nose.

* Gold Medal Winner in the 2021 International Winemaker Competition.

Toasted Caramel Dessert Wine - Cru Specialty

Toasted Caramel

Intensely creamy and pleasantly sweet, this full-bodied dessert wine combines rich caramel aroma with the robust flavours of red fruit. The buttery caramel notes give this wine a roundness and texture on the palate that is perfectly balanced with rich toasted notes on the finish.

Pre-Order Has Ended!

* Limited Quantities - Contact Us for Remaining Selection*

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