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Ferment on Premise Winemaking at VCW

"Looking after the Winemaker in You"™

Ferment on Premise (also known as: UVin, UBrew, Brew on Premise, On-Site Winemaking, On-Site Winery and Urban Winery in other provinces) was legalized in Alberta on October 2018 and is now available to the Home Wine Making Market. Village Craft Winemaker is proud to offer customers the option to take their Craft Wine Kits home or to Ferment in our store. Simply sprinkle the yeast and come back in 30- 45 days to bottle your wine – VCW looks after the rest! We are proud to use the “UWinemaker™” – an Innovative Calgary Invention – in our fermentation process for better quality wine in less time without the hastle. We also offer a full array of Wine Making Supplies, RJ Spagnols Wine Kits, Vineco Wine Kits, Micro-Brew Premium Beer Kits and a convenient inner-city location to the local Calgary Market.

Congratulations to Village Craft for winning 5 Medals 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 3 Bronze in the Worldwide Wine Making Competition. Also 6 customers from Village Craft Winemaker submitted wines that they had made at Village Craft Winemaker and 3 have taken home Gold and Bronze medals.  

6 Reasons to choose Village Craft Winemaker as your Wine Making Supply and Brewing Store Outlet

Whether you prefer to Brew on Premise or Brew at home:

Just 20 Minutes from most areas in the city

  1. Save Money!
    • Competitive Pricing
    • Price Matching in Effect
    • Bulk pricing on 4 kits or more
  2. Centralized location
    • Save Travel Time for Order and Pick Up
    • Saving gas saves money and emissions: Win Win!
  3. Brew on Premise with our Award-Winning Fermentation System
    • Receive Better Quality Wine and Beer with the UWinemaker
    • Less time to Ferment or Brew
      • No need to age 3 to 6 months before you can enjoy your wine
    • We do most of the work for you
      • Simply sprinkle the yeast and come back in 30 to 45 days to bottle
      • No Muss, no Fuss
  4. Brew at Home with Award-Winning Fermentation System
    • UWinemaker for sale to take home with you
    • Save on Brew on Premise Fees
    • Perfect for smaller homes and condo’s
    • One touch system, no heavy lifting, no mess and fuss of carboys
    • Bottle right out of the UWinemaker
  5. Award Winning Sommelier on Site
    • Ask for tips and hints
    • Receive Custom Wine Consultations
  6. Great Selection
    • Full array of Kits for the Wine Lover and Home Winemaker
    • Winemaking Supplies, Labels and Bottles

How is your Winemaking?

- at home or elsewhere -

Why Not try the Winemaker
that Won 8 Medals in the
2021 International Winemaker Competition?

2021 Winemaker Competition - Award Winning Wine at Village Craft Winemaker

... and the Winners are:

Want to see how your Personal Wine ranks in an International Competition?

VCW will be happy submit your entry for you. $30 Registration Fee Required.
Contact Us for more information!

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Curbside Pick up for Wine Kits and Supplies
Call 403-276-1967
for more information! Secure Online Payment Options Available.

* Standard AGLC Regulations and Policies have Resumed.  You need to drop into the store to start your wine. Thank you for your support!

The Italian's are Coming!

Jan.11th to Jan. 29th

All Italian Wines are On Sale

Receive $10 to $20 Italian Wine Kits

* While Supplies last!

Book Your Kit(s) Today!

Orange Chocolate

- Dessert Wine PRE-ORDER -

Sale from: Jan. 16th to Feb. 28th:
Sale: $124.00
Regular Price: $104.99

Bottles Extra
No Additional Discount

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Exclusive to
Village Craft Winemaker

Our Silver Medal Winning

Bourbon Rosé

Classic French Rosé with good Strawberry Flavour and the hint of Bourbon that sets it apart and the Judges at the International Winemaking Competition agreed!

Kit with Custom Labels & Brew on Premise Fee: $180.00
(Brew on Premise ONLY)
Bottles Extra
No Additional Discount

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Village Craft Winemaker

Our love of Wine Making drives who we are & what we do.

Village Craft Winemaker is your inner-city Wine Making Store.

Be the Winemaker without Owning the Winery!

Ferment on Premise, new in the province of Alberta, means that you will not have to clutter up your home, lift heavy carboys, or donate a lot of time to get good wine.

We take the effort out and do the work for you. Simply come into the store and discuss what type of wine you will put in; red, white, rose, lighter or full bodied and our sommelier will assist you with the Wine kits that match your preferences. Sprinkle the yeast and come back in 30 to 45 days (depending on the kit) to bottle your wine. It’s that Easy!

What started out as a hobby for the owner has lead to her achieving a WSET Level 3 Award and is now using this to help Calgarians get back into winemaking. It is her passion and she is delighted to share her knowledge with you.

VCW is proud to offer Calgarians a great selection of RJ Spagnols Wine Kits (the Top producer of winemaking kits in Canada), VineCo Winekits – and to give customers the option to Brew on Premise or to restart their winemaking at their home.

Village Craft Winemaker looks forward to many years of happy customers. Our love of Wine Making drives who we are and what we do.

Visit us Soon!

Read more About Village Craft Winemaker here.

Our Products

Village Craft Winemakers has a great selection of wine kits and wine making supplies for personal use and as gifts.

RJ Spagnols Quality Winemaking Kits

Winemaking Kits

We offer a great selection of RJ Spagnols Craft Winemaking Kits – RQ limited edition wines, 21 varieties of En Primeur, 25 Cru International, 20 Cru Select, 16 Orchard Breezin’  Summer Sippers including White Sangria, Cru Specialty Ports, Micro Brew Beer Kits Stout, Pilsner.  We have also  discontinuing  VineCo/Global products 30% off sale… there is always something new at VCW.

Read More About: RJ Spagnols Wine Kits

Village Craft Winemakers - Wine Making Supplies - Calgary

Winemaking Supplies

VCW is a full-fledged Wine Making Supplies Store: offering great selection of bottles (Bordeaux, Port bottles, PET bottles and carboys, hard to find Burgundy bottles), labels, shrink tops, gift bags, accessories, additives (such as French and American oak, oak cubes, elderberries, pectinase, Bourgovin Yeast, Champagne Yeast , D47 yeast) and more…

There is also Glycerine, Oak Liquid, Kiesesol, Chitosan, Sparkaloid, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Bentonite. 

Read More About: Home Wine Making Supplies

The Future Of

Wine Making

UWinemaker™ - Available In Store!

Village Craft Winemaker is proud to be the only Brew on Premise in Canada to use the innovative Calgary Invention, the UWinemaker™, in our fermentation process. Uwinemaker™ boasts a unique Rock ‘n’ Roll method that eliminates the heavy lifting, siphoning, filtering, and mess of traditional pail and carboy methods.

It produces Better Quality wine with the freshness of the bouquet and flavour right off in the glass. The wine is crystal clear without the oxidation of filtering. Make it at home or in the store in less time without the hassle – most batches can be bottled in 30 days, and if you ferment on premise – you simply toss the yeast and come back for bottling – we look after the rest.

Read More about: UWinemaker

Village Craft Winemaker - Wine Making Supplies - UWinemaker

Our Media

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Want to Learn More about Wine?

We are now an official Fine Vintage Ambassador!

Use our link to take a wine certification course at a multi-award winning wine school in Calgary – and receive: 10% OFF!

First Kits available Jan. 2023
PreOrder Cut-Off is October 25th - Order Today!

RJS Restricted Quantities 2023


Jan Hale
Jan Hale
Read More
The owner, Lori, really knows her stuff. Great wedding gift.
Jan Hale
Jan Hale
Read More
The owner, Lori, really knows her stuff. Great wedding gift.
Susan Grey
Read More
Just bottle my first kit! Lori is awesome!
Nick Hayes
Nick Hayes
Read More
Finally in Alberta! Excellent place to make wine. Lori knows her wine.
Read More
Awesome experience
John Ackerman
John Ackerman
Read More
Very knowledgeable, and excellent customer service.
Daniel S
Daniel S
Read More
There is tremendous skill , passion, and product knowledge here. Lori is not only knowledgeable about wine making, but is also a certified Sommelier. What a combination! The store is well stocked with both conventional and innovative winemaking equipment,as well as a broad selection of wine kits. Also, Kudos to Lori for taking advantage of the opportunities opened by Bill 6, which allows her to offer hosted brewing to her customers.
Eric P
Eric P
Read More
Great customer service and experience. Thanks Lori
Kim Steeves
Kim Steeves
Read More
Lori is very knowledgeable and makes the entire wine making experience fun and accessible. And the wines are excellent!! We have made 4 kits so far and will be back for more. Varied selection to suit your preference.
Nick BH
Read More
The UWinemaker system provides a completely different and better taste than the days of glass carboys and plastic buckets. The process of making the wine is far easier and the quality is much better. Lori provides an excellent establishment and her knowledge will ensure you get the best quality of wine.
Mehgan Pearson
Read More
Lori is a wealthe of knowledge. Great customer service and friendly knowledgeable staff. Perfect place to go if you're interested in wine making. You go in and pick your wine kit from a wide variety of options. The kit is prepared and stored in the store until it is ready. All the equipment and accessories you need to bottle your wine is there for your use once your wine is ready. Or you can pick up a wine kit and everything you need to make wine at home. My husband and I always enjoy our wine bottling dates at Village Craft Wine. Highly recommend.

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